In the foothills of the Maluti Mountains, on the border of the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho (as it’s officially known), you’ll find the unassuming town of Ficksburg.

In the foothills of the Maluti Mountains, on the border of the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho (as it’s officially known), you’ll find the unassuming town of Ficksburg. Surrounded by undulating hills and set against an imposing mountain backdrop, the town is a choosen destination for scores of holiday makers.

What makes Ficksburg stand out all the more, which might come as a surprise to some, is that it is ‘Cherry capital of the world’. To celebrate this title, the town annually hosts the Ficksburg Cherry Festival. The 2016 event runs from 16-18 November.
The festival, which happens to be the longest running crop festival in South Africa, began in 1968. The main events back then were the street parades, the festive Cherry Ball and the crowning of the Cherry Queen. Today, attendees will see that activities and happenings of the festival have changed over time.
There will be a number of programs running concurrently throughout the festival, from the children’s events, and live music to workshops and the main program. There will be activities that run across the different age groups. Due to the popularity of this events in previous years, the wine and chocolate pairings are back by to popular demand. Furthermore, for the baking enthusiasts, there will be an introduction to cooking with cherries. Sports fanatics haven’t been forgotten about, as there is a range of sporting events to take part in, like the fun run and road cycle race. Kids, get your creative juices flowing with a scarecrow-making workshop or have fun at the circus. If you’re looking for music of the eclectic kind, enjoy the sounds of a Scottish pipe band. With the endless activities on offer, everyone in the whole family are bound to have a marvellous time.
The Ficksburg Cherry Festival is the town’s main opportunity for a little self-promotion on the South African tourism circuit. It provides employment for the locals and allows visitors to come and sample not only cherries but the taste of life in this pretty corner of South Africa.
Venue: 1 Shawground Road, Ficksburg, 9730
Date: 17 Nov 2016 08:00 – 19 Nov 2016 23:59

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