The Festival Gnaoua and Musiques du Monde in Essaouira is a pioneering festival in the Moroccan cultural landscape and unique in the world landscape of festivals.

DATES: 28 JUNE – 1 JULY 2017

The Festival Gnaoua and Musiques du Monde in Essaouira is a pioneering festival in the Moroccan cultural landscape and unique in the world landscape of festivals.




The Festival Gnaoua and Musiques du Monde in Essaouira is a pioneering festival in the Moroccan cultural landscape and unique in the world landscape of festivals. Since its creation in 1997, the festival has been unanimously inspired: to develop a resolutely Moroccan project, a project that gives life to the soul, authenticity and modernity of Morocco. A universal project, based on the dialogue of cultures, a project that is appropriated every year by hundreds of thousands of national and international visitors.
With each musical event fast approaching, Essaouira is preparing the venues, its walls, and its magic to welcome music as it should be.
During the Gnaoua and World Music Festival, the entire city abounds with the strains of Africa and the world in every narrow street and across the ramparts.
The city of Essaouira sits on the Atlantic Ocean, where it is protected by a magnificent fortress and cooled by trade winds. The Gnaoua and World Music Festival unfolds to the rhythm of the craftsmen-marketers in the shade of palm trees between the city’s two citadels and fishing port. Each May this event invites you to come share its musical crushes, hear the latest discoveries and revel in cultural and artistic friendships. The festival ambiance is incredible. Visitors, festivalgoers and performers sleep under the stars or in unique riads. Everything is designed to encourage harmony and bonding. The festival gives pride of place to gnawa music. Get to know this ancestral music played by master musicians called Maalem. Their music rises and pierces your body and mind to soothe the soul. With world music, traditional music and scenery that will take your breath away, your stay in these sun-drenched climes will be pure pleasure. Music lovers, musicians, newcomers and fans of eastern mélopées will find kindred spirits who share their passion. Expect jam sessions, conversation, literature and poetry. This colorful musical and cultural event in the heart of Morocco attracts 300,000 people each year.



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Essaouira-Mogador, the bridge of the Atlantic
With notched walls, the whisper of trade winds, homes with white and blue facades – thecolors of ocean foam and waves –Essaouirahas earned the nickname “Bride of the Atlantic”.
The coastal city once known as Mogador is a place where the good life and water-oriented pastimes go hand in hand. Take a quiet walk in the shade of its ramparts, which also stand in for the walls of Astapor, the red city on the television series “Game of Thrones”. Climb to the top of them and retrace a watchman’s rounds: from here you can see the Iles Purpuraires and the hawks and seagulls that soar over the nature preserve. In the distance, surfing, windsurfing and kite-surfing fanatics can’t get enough of the quality winds!
Your walk will lead you to the fishing port and its animated sailors. Not far from there, the fish market entices with the night’s haul of fish and seafood. The interlaced alleys of the medina await you in the town center. This UNESCO-listed medina is one of the finest in Morocco. Finally, each summer the city is overtaken by music as the Gnaoua festival celebrates the marriage of North African and sub-Saharan rhythms.
The Mogador eco-resort is the perfect hotel. For several years, Morocco has been aggressively implementing sustainable tourism principles. This resort is part of the movement, as are the area’s beaches, whose “Pavillon Bleu” seals attest to their quality.
Come to relax, wear yourself out and be culturally enriched: the mesmerizing Essaouira-Mogador is a destination that offers 1,001 possibilities!


The culture, exoticism and warmth of Morocco welcome you for an unforgettable stay
With luxury chains, camping, riads, bed and breakfasts, cottages, hostels and even bivouacs, you will be treated to unique experiences!
Spend a night in a bivouac — a tentin the middle of the desert – tounplug completely. Let yourself be swayed by the timeless ambiance of the desert and wake up to the world’s most beautiful sunrise fora unique experience that you won’t soon forget!
Or stay in a riad, a traditional house in a historic district punctuated by a patio in the middle of a column of light. Your stay is guaranteed to feel authentic.
Exploring a country also means getting to know the locals and experiencing their everyday lives at home.
Choose a cottage or hostel to have a sightseeing experience full of direct contact with the native population.
Or why not go camping? It is the preferred way to stay for surfers working up the coast. Camping in the mild Moroccan climate promotes team spirit and human contact.
Finally, if you are hoping for a premium trip, sleep in the best international or local luxury brands for hotels that have built a long-standing reputation!
In Morocco, you will be an honored guest.


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