10 Things Not To Do At Ibiza

Here are a few things NOT to do in Ibiza.

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Let’s be honest, most tourists come to Ibiza for its epic party vibe. Although there is plenty to see and do, there are also a few no-nos to bare in mind. Here are a few things NOT to do in Ibiza.

  1. Don’t Buy Tickets at the Door That’s a rookie mistake. Not only will buying tickets at the door cost you more, but you’ll probably have to stand in line for at least an hour or more (and sometimes you just don’t make it past that velvet rope).
  2. Don’t Show Up to the Clubs Before Midnight Most nightclubs start opening around 10:00 pm, but things don’t really kick into gear until the stroke of midnight (and, frankly, that’s usually when the coolest clubs open).
  3. Don’t Forget Your Hand Fan Having an old-school hand fan to cool you down on the packed dance floor is an essential tip. You can’t count on the air conditioning or sea breezes to keep you comfortable in that mosh pit of sweaty gyrating bodies.
  4. Don’t Leave Your Photo ID in the Hotel You’ll need to show ID at the door to every bar, club and party on the island, so make sure you have some identification with your picture on you.
  5. Don’t Sneak Drinks into the Clubs Just don’t. Commercial venues don’t take kindly to booze smuggling, and it’s not worth it if you get caught. They’ll throw you out and probably ban you from the premises. If you’re really on a tight budget, see tip #10.
  6. Don’t Try to Walk Home from Amnesia or Privilege Playa d’en Bossa is technically in walking distance from Ibiza town (about 40 minutes), However, that stretch has been nicknamed “the road of death” as many stumbling partiers have taken their last steps that way.
  7. Don’t Drink the Tap Water It is safe, but it’s really not very palatable. People complain about high salt and calcium levels, and it also has a high chlorine content and taste.
  8. Don’t Avoid Local Transport The local transportation system is cheap and efficient, and can take you just about anywhere you’d want to go. The Ibiza Bus costs only about €2 and can get you from one side of the island to another.
  9. Don’t Sleep on the Beach For starters, it’s illegal and the police do patrol the coastline for this, so don’t bother trying to camp out on the beach for the night. However, if you plan to party all night and catch a nap on the beach during the day, that’s another thing.
  10. Don’t Forget to Pre-Drink Bolster yourself with a few pre-cocktails so you don’t need to imbibe so much at the expensive clubs. Keep an eye out for the promotional reps out there hustling 2 for 1 drink specials, free shots and the like, too.



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