Top 14 Tips To Bag The Best Black Friday Deals By Travelstart

Top 14 Tips to Bag the Best Black Friday Deals, by Travelstart

Black Friday
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With over 66% of South Africans expected to participate in Black Friday sales this year, did you know…

  • Travelstart was voted #1 for the best mobile shopping experience in 2018.
  • Travelstart’s top-selling destinations on Black Friday 2017 were Mauritius, Thailand, Namibia, India and the UK.
  • SAA, British Airways (Comair), and Emirates were our top-selling airlines on Black Friday 2017.
  • The average discount across the world on Black Friday is 55%!

Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s Black Friday deals!

  1. 1 Plan Ahead

    Create a list ahead of time of what you need to avoid being distracted by ‘great offers’ that you don’t actually need. Be specific about what you want. When looking for a good flight deal, be specific about your destination but flexible on your travel dates.

  2. 2 Set A Budget

    Set yourself a limit and leave credit cards behind to reduce the risk of impulsive shopping.

  3. 3 Do Your Homework

    Research your product well so that you don’t end up buying something inferior just because it’s marked at a cheaper price.

  4. 4 Sign Up For Newsletters And Email Alerts

    Sign up for email alerts, newsletters and follow your brand/ store on social media to receive special alerts and discounts before anyone else.

    Be the first in line for Travelstart’s Black Friday sales!

  5. 5 Download The App

    Browse faster and receive exclusive Black Friday deals that may only be available on the app.

    Download Travelstart’s FLAPP in 3 easy steps!

  6. 6 The Early Bird Catches The Worm

    Set your clock for midnight on Thursday 22nd so you can get all your shopping done while everyone else is still asleep.

  7. 7 Compare Prices

    Compare prices beforehand to see if you’re really getting a good deal and which store has the best offer. When booking flights, also check out hotel specials around your travel dates.

  8. 8 Be Prepared

    If you plan on making EFT payments, check that you have enough funds in your account. If you plan on booking flights, make sure you have your ID and passport numbers on hand. You don’t want to be scrambling around for documents at the last minute.

  9. 9 Collect Discount Codes

    You might be able to add these to the discount price for an even further discount to your purchase. Certain retailers offer vouchers and discounts that are specific to Black Friday only, so make sure you apply the correct codes.

  10. 10 Time Is Right

    Shop online early in the morning and head to the shops later in the evening as some stores discount their products even further later in the day.

  11. 11 Bring a Friend

    Teamwork is golden so shop with a buddy and split up tasks to work through your list together and faster.

  12. 12 Fuel Your Mind & Body

    No one likes cranky shoppers so get a good night’s sleep and hit the shops with a positive mindset. Make sure you have a proper meal beforehand and stay hydrated.

  13. 13 Leave The Kids At Home

    You’ll need to focus all your energy on nabbing those deals and staying calm. Having your kids tag along will be frustrating for you and them.

  14. 14 Ditch The Trolley For Carrier Bags

    Don’t even think about manoeuvring a trolley around the shops. Be smart and eco-friendly by carrying your items in reusable shopping bags.

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