Janni Olsson Deler fashion Tips – Coachella 2018

Had so much fun at this year's Coachella Festival, and the biggest thanks to Revolve for an amazing time! Always the best parties and the best people! It's always hard to film several days and then put together one vlog, but I tried my best so I hope you guys will like it.

My "fingers crossed" in the end didn't work, got super sick after this weekend and that's why it's so late... But now I'm back on track again, FINALLY!

Find links to all the pieces I wore here:


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Hi, this may be interesting you: Janni Olsson Deler fashion Tips - Coachella 2018! This is the link: https://whats-up.co.za/2019/01/28/janni-olsson-deler-fashion-tips-coachella-2018/