Whats Up is about Things to Do & Places to See, users will be able to make use of the platform find content around key categories, Music, Events, Festivals, Travel, Fashion and Food. The important ingredients needed to make a memorable experience!

The focus of the platform is its ability to find events from around the world, invite your friends, book tickets and arrange your travel requirements!

Events will be delivered to users in a highly targeted and defined manner. The ability to book tickets and tables at events will be essential over the platform and will be included in the application form of the platform. As partners become more available and the use of the network picks up, the ability to book entire holidays (from airline tickets, to cruises to car rentals and accommodation) will become available.

The network is to become an interactive entertainment hub encouraging people to meet and enjoy each other’s company in person.

Ease of use will be a key feature of the platform. Easy to find Events, Festivals and Things to Do plus Travel packages and solutions, the necessary information in one place helping friends to attend those events that create memories.

It will allow a simplification of Social Media advertising that supports the SMME’s as well as large corporates.

That would affect your campaign and would allow your organisation to refine your marketing in order to gain maximum effectiveness.

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“Friends are created through great moments shared together”


“Smile Interact Invite”



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